About Us

Texas Starlight Property FrontTexas Starlight Ranch is an executive rental property perfect for entertaining, corporate events, or just a great family getaway.  Located on 20 acres and boasting both a spacious main-house as well as a separate gaming house, Texas Starlight Ranch also has high-end grills and a modern kitchen making it perfect for epicureans.

We offer daily and weekend rental rates for the property, and can also offer catering services and other amenities on request.  You'll agree; Texas Starlight Ranch is the perfect location for your next event!

Hardwood Floors and Texas DecorTexas Starlight Ranch features lushly stained hardwood floors and moldings and decorated in Texas fashion. Our property was recently built and boasts modern amenities include granite rain showers, a large fireplace, and a complete kitchen with excellent accessories for even the most fastidious chef. 

Plum TreesThe grounds of Texas Starlight Ranch include plum trees and various other flora and fauna to please your inner naturalist but, best of all, offers a stunning view of the heavens, far from the city lights.  We even have an excellent telescope for your use in beholding the over 5,000 stars visible to the naked eye.

If you spend your days in the city, you'll marvel at the beauty of the night sky and the smallness of ourselves in comparison.  Swing in our old time wooden swings and watch the meteorites whiz  across the night sky.

Sleep peacefully to the sounds of nature in our simple but comfortable ranch house beds.  Trade in the sounds of car horns and sirens for crickets and owls.  You deserve a good night's rest.